What's Going On?

Taylor getting after it teaching the snatch.

Taylor getting after it teaching the snatch.

Internship Program:
Big shout outs to Greg, Taylor, and Amanda for the work they are doing in our internship program. They have been working hard writing workout plans, researching warmups and mobility drills, and listening to Dustin and me nit-pick their coaching. Thank you for the constructive feedback you have been providing them. No, this doesn't meant that Dustin and I are taking off for Mexico. We are just building our relief team so that we can stay fresh and maintain a healthy balance in our lives. 

Full Classes and Cancellations
I hate turning athletes away from full classes. Our commitment to individualized coaching requires us to limit classes to 10 athletes as we can't coach more than that safely and effectively. That means that when class sign up shows the class to be full, we turn athletes away. When we see this happening, we add classes and invest in more class slots. Lately though, athletes have missed the opportunity to work out because other athletes signed up for spots that they did not use. In some cases, classes that had 11 people on the roster the evening before had 5 actually show up to workout. I know of several occasions where one person's decision to sleep in meant someone else didn't get to work out. This is not okay. It is harmful to your fellow athletes and hurts the gym. The perception that morning classes are "always full" is inaccurate as we have had spare capacity every single day. Please note...canceling for an early morning class at 10 PM is essentially the same as not showing up.  

Now, legitimate things happen. We are always reasonable and understanding when this is the case. I'm not talking about these situations. I'm talking about signing up for all week at a certain timeframe then picking and choosing which workouts you go to. I'm talking about seeing the workout and deciding to skip it. I'm talking about staying out too late and not being able to get out of bed. Seriously people, this is incredibly inconsiderate and not consistent with our values as a community. 

I hate writing this type of blog post as you guys are generally the most considerate people I know. My hope is that by drawing attention to the situation we can all recognize the impacts that our actions have on others. Please continue to sign up for class and please show up ready to workout for those classes. 

End rant.