Catacombs Games--Week 1

Well, the time has come. It all goes down tonight. Week 1 of the Catacombs Games will be in full swing starting at 5 PM tonight. You can do this workout at any point during the day on Friday, but don't neglect the benefit of having a chorus of your peers cheering you on as you tackle this beast. Yes, this will be tight in our cozy gym, but fear not--we've got it covered. If you are officially registered for the CrossFit Open, please plan to do this workout in the evening session or at Open Gym on Saturday. We can make sure you have a judge and that we can validate your score. It is really challenging to coach a full class and judge an athlete at the same time...particularly in the longer ones.

As a reminder, please bring food and/or beverages to share. If you are doing the workout in the evening session, put yourself in a heat when you arrive at the gym. Make sure you check in with the warmup coaches (Amanda and Taylor this week) and know the plan for getting ready for your heat. Try out a few dumbbell weights before settling on workout weight. We are here to help, so please ask! Please also plan on sticking around to count reps for another athlete after you finish your workout.

This is going to be AWESOME!!!