Mobility for Runners

Happy Friday Crew--

As we move into the weekend and you are all planning your weekend adventures, I'd like to challenge you to incorporate 5 minutes of mobility into your weekend. Come's just 5 minutes. As many of you know, we have been helping the runners training for the Thirsty 13 with training tips throughout the 13 weeks leading up to the race. We sponsor the race and this is our way of trying to help the community avoid injury and make it to the finish line injury-free. As part of this series, Dustin and Taylor put together a quick mobility video targeting lower legs and feet.

I thought we all should benefit from their efforts and give a little attention to our calves, achilles tendons and plantar fascia. While targeted at runners, we also aggravate these areas with box jumps, double unders, hiking, and backpacking. Check out the video then take the 5-minute mobility challenge this weekend and get this work in!