Imagine a class that combines cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, core work, and muscle endurance training without heavy barbells or prescribed weights. We call this our "Unloaded" program!  In these classes, we combine rowing, plyometrics, body weight movements, medicine ball work, and traditional calisthenics, as well as light barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells. You get a great workout and begin building momentum toward a healthier lifestyle.

Just like our CrossFit classes, each session is led by an experienced and invested coach. But unlike our CrossFit classes, there are no prerequisites for this program. This IS the starting point. We will teach all necessary movements for each day's workout during the warmup period. As always, the emphasis will be on moving safely with good form over moving quickly or finishing first. Coaches will teach, encourage and motivate but you get to set the pace based on where you are in your fitness journey. 


Unloaded is open to anyone in the Durango community with a desire to improve health, fitness, and wellness. We created this program with the following groups in mind:

  • Beginners: maybe you need to lose weight, find an outlet for your stress, or your doctor has told you that you need to start exercising. This program is for you.

  • Returning athletes: those recovering from injury or significant time away for any reason will find this to be a gradual return to intensity.

  • Shifting gears: individuals who have been working out on their own who are looking to shake up their routine, get some coaching and accountability, or be a part of a positive community. See what you've been missing.

  • CrossFit athletes looking to take a break from barbell work and focus on their cardiovascular engine. Variety is the spice of life and sometimes change is the kick in the kick in the pants you've needed. Unloaded does not equal easy. We promise you can get your workout in without barbells.


Unloaded Classes meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00 to 1:45. More class days and times will be added as the program grows. Check our program schedule for any updates.

Classes are $15/session or 10-punch passes are available for $135. Unloaded punch passes cannot be used for CrossFit classes.


Sometimes the best way to get started is by asking us any questions you may have about this program or Catacombs.