What's Next?

That's the question that has come up more than once around the gym since Murph on Saturday. We've got big things in store for December, but we are going to need your patience for the next 2 weeks. You will already notice the projects we've been working on in our "spare time" at the gym, but the heavy lifting starts Tuesday. We will have a crew here working to transform the dressing room area into a more convenient space for t-shirts, hoodies, recovery products and protein powders. More on that in posts to come. It's going to be cool, but perhaps a little messy in the next couple of days. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. 

We will be operating on a bit of a reduced schedule over the week of Thanksgiving. Many of our coaches are taking the opportunity to travel and be with family. We appreciate your understanding and promise to come back refreshed, full of new ideas, and a great energy to take you through the end of the year. Our schedule next week will include a 6 AM class, noon class, and 6 PM class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday, you should all go run the Turkey Trot at Fort Lewis which includes a 5 mile run and a 1 mile run. Check it out at durangorunningclub.com. We will be closed through the weekend and will reopen on a regular schedule on Monday, December 1st.

Finally, the first week of December will be a retest week for our strength cycle. Again, we will be talking a lot more about that in days to come. If you are tired of not knowing your 1 rep maxes, this will be the week to fix that. If you've made it through the strength cycle, this will be your week to measure your gains. 

Ok, that was a lot for one post. I hope to see you all in the gym before my family and I take off this weekend to visit extended family and spend some time together. Thanks again for making Catacombs such a special place!

Just the beginning of the work happening at Catacombs this week.

Just the beginning of the work happening at Catacombs this week.