Change Starts with a Decision

What a beautiful Christmas Day and "day after". I hope you are enjoying this holiday period and the change from your everyday routine. Now that Christmas is behind us, it's time to look forward to the new year. Maybe 2014 was the best year of your life; or maybe it was filled with challenge and struggle. For most of us, the truth lies somewhere in between. We made some improvements and gains, perhaps found consistency in working out or improved our stress management. But there are always more chinks in the armor that need to be addressed.

I know that most hate New Year's Resolutions and that the overwhelming majority of resolutions fail in short order. But I'm not talking about the run of the mill "get in shape" and "lose 10 pounds" resolutions that most of the world subscribes to. You see, you are not the run of the mill, afraid of hard work, easily distracted population that make these resolutions. You are committed athletes, parents, students, doctors, teachers, and workers that understand the commitment required to make real changes in your life. And you know that your best chance of success comes from thinking through a strategy, devising a plan, and enlisting the support of your people to keep you honest. Then, you get to work. Focused, methodical, and relentless in your pursuit.

Handstand pushups anyone? Ruth shows hers off during the 12 days of Christmas Workout this week.

Handstand pushups anyone? Ruth shows hers off during the 12 days of Christmas Workout this week.

So what's the decision that you need to make this year? What's the lingering nemesis that you have been afraid to take on? Haven't you let fear of failing keep you on the sidelines long enough? Failure is pretty much assured if you never take on the task. Here's a little challenge for the in-between time in the next week. Give some thought to the decision that you need to make. Will you be in the same place a year from now still mulling the same decision and still sitting on the sideline...only another year older? Or will you be on the other side of it awash in the confidence and satisfaction of having conquered another of your pesky demons? I know it isn't that black and white, but it does come down to the simplicity of making a decision. So I ask again, what's the decision you need to make this year?

Make sure you check the schedule on FDHQ and sign up for classes as we are on holiday schedule again next week. And, we will be busting out the "Goal Board" again for the first of the year, so stack your chances for success by committing publicly to your goals. 

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