Graduation Day!

Our first Starting Line crew wrapped up this morning. To say that the progress was stunning would be an understatement. These guys have worked hard and dug deep every single morning in spite of soreness, hangovers, and general trepidation. And the results speak for themselves. Each and every one of these athletes cut an average of over 3 minutes off their time on the workout today as compared to Day 1. I'm no mathematician, but that's about a 30% improvement over two short weeks. Seriously impressive. It's almost like this stuff works. I'm incredibly proud of your efforts and accomplishments and can't wait to see what the next few months brings for your fitness.

Inaugural Starting LIne

How do we know that we are getting stronger, faster, fitter, healthier? We know because we record our results so that we can actually measure our progress. Buy a notebook and take the extra 30 seconds to write down your times, weights, and workouts. Your progress will be visible and you will know that you are getting better every day.