Sign Up for Classes

Organization allows more work to happen.

Organization allows more work to happen.

There is a new feature on our website today that is going to become an important part of your daily or weekly routine. You will now find a button in the top right hand corner of our home page that says "Class Sign Up". This is your link to sign up for workouts that you want to attend. You can sign up for classes with as little as 10 minutes notice or as much as two weeks in advance. Signing up is an important part of our culture that will allow us to operate the gym with the highest degree of professionalism and organization. We are happy to help you navigate this process if needed. Just ask.

Several of you have asked why we require our athletes to sign up for classes. This is not an effort on my part to make coming to class more complicated. In fact, it is meant to help you get to class more often and ensure that your workout gets the priority in your day that it deserves. Signing up for class requires you to give thought to your week and plan when your workouts are going to happen. This adds a level of commitment that can make the difference between getting it done or getting lost in the shuffle. We make time for the things that are most important to us. My goal is to make sure your workout makes the cut.

Equally as important, at Catacombs we have made a commitment to individualized coaching and attention to detail for every athlete at every workout. Limiting our class sizes makes sure that we can keep that promise and give you the coaching and attention you need to make your workout worthwhile. You will never show up to a workout and find that there isn't enough space, equipment, or coaching to go around. That's a promise.

So don't hate on our sign up system. It gives you an excuse to check out the website every day, see pictures of our community, and read our words of wisdom on the blog. Give it a chance and you will learn to love it.