Consistency Matters

Many of you have asked how often you should come to class. I typically hedge my answer on this question as it depends on a number of factors. Today's post is geared toward those of you for whom CrossFit is your main form of exercise, or those of you who are just getting back into an exercise routine after a hiatus. If that describes your situation, your target is 4 classes per week. Yes, there will be days that you come to class sore and there will be days that you come to class a little tired. That's okay. Right now, you are in a skills acquisition phase. You need lots of repetitions and a big variety of movements to help your body's systems learn that this is the new norm.  Not feeling 100%?  Come anyway and spend some time with your community that supports what you are trying to do with your health. You will still get some quality work in and feel better after an hour at Catacombs...guaranteed. Equally as important, you are in the middle of establishing a new routine and a new outlook on working out. For you to succeed, it is critical that coming to class becomes an iron clad part of your routine...not the first thing you cancel when work gets busy or something better comes along. Sure, emergencies will come up, but if they are happening weekly, you might want to revisit your definition of "emergency". Improving your fitness and health needs to be a priority. We make time for what we prioritize.


Stay tuned for more thoughts on frequency of training, how CrossFIt fits with your sport-specific goals and training, and where recovery comes into the picture. Now go sign up for class!