Mark Your Calendar!

Hey Durango,

CrossFit Catacombs has a ton of stuff going on this summer. Read on for dates and details, then mark your calendars. The Grand Opening Party is open to everyone, even if you haven't yet joined our awesome community. Come by, meet us and our members, and see what this is all about. Better yet, don't wait for an event... email me today and let's do a free one-on-one intro session so you can try it for yourself. 

June 18th at 7 PM: Nutrition 101-- You didn't think I was going to let this go forever, did you? The work you do in the gym is fantastic, but it will only take you so far. What happens in the kitchen (or at midnight in the bar) matters as much if not more. This will be an informal "chalk talk" where we lay out the basics of our nutritional philosophy and help you identify a starting point for making some positive changes. No commitment required... it's just information.

June 21st: Grand Opening Party-- Long over-due, our Grand Opening party is going to be a great time. We will be grilling burgers and dogs, throwing frisbees, shooting hoops, playing tetherball and just having fun. Please bring a side and/or libations to share. Festivities begin around 4:00. Don't miss it and bring friends.

July 16th: CrossFit Total-- This is a rite of passage for new CrossFitters and a benchmark of fitness for seasoned veterans. The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at three different lifts (deadlift, back squat, and press). Knowing these numbers is a powerful tool for you as an athlete and me as your coach to assist in scaling workouts and strength sets. This is an important data point for everyone..not just those of you interested in lifting heavy weights. Put it on your calendar now and be here. I promise it will improve the quality of the work you are able to do over the next 6 months. We will run a special 2-hour session from 5PM to 7PM as it is difficult to get this in under an hour. If you can come at this time, you should as the atmosphere and setup will improve your results. Then, stick around for social hour and bring your favorite recovery beverage. We will run this as the WOD for regular class times as well if you absolutely can't make the evening session. Stay tuned for more details; this one is for current Catacombs members only.

August 15: Friday Night Lights Kick-off-- Friday evening classes are almost always a rocking crew, but Friday Night Lights will be exceptional. Staying true to my Texas heritage, we plan to pay a monthly homage to Friday Night Lights with a benchmark workout.  Friday Night Lights involve performing a benchmark workout which are typically epic and will be periodically repeated to measure progress. Otherwise, how do you know that this stuff is working? Heats will be run to accommodate large crowds and to allow you to cheer on your fellow athletes while enjoying your favorite recovery beverage.  August 15th will be the first of this fall series.

Friday Night Lights; It will be Epic

Friday Night Lights; It will be Epic