Nutrition 101--Start with Breakfast

Bagels, cereal, breakfast bars, yogurt and frozen waffles...all inventions of convenience designed to facilitate our fast-paced lifestyle and appeal to our sugar-addicted palate. These are all widely accepted as "healthy choices" for breakfast. But why? Is it because they are truly whole, healthy foods that improve your glycemic response, facilitate a healthy metabolism, and encourage you body to burn rather than store fat? No, because these foods meet none of those criteria. In fact these choices are only perceived as healthy because we have been so heavily and incessantly marketed by the food industry to believe it to be true.

Are you looking for a place to start making some changes in your nutrition strategy? I have found breakfast to be a great place to begin the journey.  For two weeks, commit to eating nothing for breakfast that comes out of a box, bag, or wrapper. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas:

  • eggs, bacon or sausage
  • apples or bananas and almond butter (add a slice of ham or turkey for added protein)
  • hard boiled eggs and avocado (great for pre-made breakfast)
  • leftovers from dinner the night before

At a minimum, make sure your breakfast includes some form of protein and fat. I'll save my diatribe on straight carbs for breakfast for another time, but there are few things you can do that are worse for your metabolism. Finally, don't think that you need to plan a gourmet meal every morning. This is about fueling your body to start the day. Pick one breakfast that works for you and stick with it all week. Post a comment - what's your plan? do you have easy / healthy suggestions?

Simple & Yummy: Ham and Eggs plus Avocado or Some Fruit / Veggies You Like

Simple & Yummy: Ham and Eggs plus Avocado or Some Fruit / Veggies You Like