More About Your Breakfast Choices

Let’s talk about breakfast some more, because it really is pretty easy to make some simple adjustments once you find something that fits your tastes and lifestyle. If you are serious and going to give this a sincere try, the first thing I’d strongly recommend is to take your boxed cereal, oatmeal, bagels, flavored yoghurt, bars, etc and throw them away, or at least put them in a box somewhere that you cannot readily get to them.  Make a commitment to try it for a period of time – 2 weeks or a month. Give yourself enough time to succeed and create new habits.

Assess your lifestyle and tastes. Are you running out of the house everyday frantically? Keep it simple, perhaps do some prep work on the weekend or prior evening. Hardboiled eggs are about the easiest thing to prep once per week, are extremely portable, and can be combined with fruit, avocado, bacon…  Speaking of bacon, it also can be prepared ahead of time and either eaten cold or heated quickly in a microwave or over the stove top. Cook a slab of bacon one evening and enjoy it with breakfast all week.  Do the same with sausage. 

Another option for quick and easy for those that are dairy tolerant; try full fat cottage cheese or plain yogurt with fruit such as canteloupe, berries, grapes. Try adding some almonds, pecans or walnuts. This is about as easy as it gets. Love cereal so much that you can’t imagine saying bye to the bowl and spoon? Try “paleo oatmeal”.  Again google this and you will find dozen’s of hot and cold options with various mixtures of nuts, coconut, and fruit. Use whole or unsweetened non-milk alternatives – almond or coconut milk.  Avoid soy milk and anything that is sweetened.

Go out for breakfast every morning?  Ask for your egg and bacon or sausage bagel without the bagel or find somewhere that offers paleo options. Know of some good options? Please comment and share them with everyone. If you have more time in the morning and like to cook, omelettes, scrambles, and paleo egg muffins (google it for dozens of recipes) offer the opportunity to add veggies and meat options in countless varieties with eggs.

As mentioned in the prior post, most importantly, make it a priority to get quality protein and fat into your breakfast diet and eliminate the processed carbs. Also, get rid of the sugar and sweetners completely– even in your coffee or tea.  

About as easy as it gets to eat a healthly breakfast

About as easy as it gets to eat a healthly breakfast