Fall Starting Line


Are you ready to get going at Catacombs or do you know someone that is? The best way to get going is through completing a Starting LIne course. Our September Starting Line course kicks off September 8th and runs through September 19. Classes will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 PM. Starting Line sessions are limited to 8 people as we are committed to helping every participant achieve excellent technique in the foundational movements. It doesn't matter if you are straight off the couch and looking to make some major changes in your health and fitness or if you are an accomplished athlete looking for the next challenge. We scale everything to make sure you get the workout you need and finish Starting Line with the skills and confidence to move into regular classes.

Starting Line has the added benefit of allowing you to make some new friends and develop a cohort of fellow CrossFitters with which to continue your fitness journey. Don't be intimidated, come find out what Catacombs is all about. Are you going to be one of the 8? Register online here or email tracie@crossfitcatacombs.com if you still have questions.