Meet Coach John

Happy Wednesday Catacombs--

I would like to take the opportunity let you get to know Coach John a little better. If you were able to attend last week's Friday Night Lights, you got a little taste of what John has to offer. He and his family moved to Durango this summer and have quickly integrated into the Catacombs community. Here's what John had to say when I pinned him down last week.

John and Julianna enjoying the kids heat of Friday Night Lights last week.

John and Julianna enjoying the kids heat of Friday Night Lights last week.

Why did you start doing CrossFit and how long have you been at it? I started CrossFit six years ago. The Crossfit gym was next door to a 24 hr gym that I was a member with for years. One day as I was passing I noticed a flyer on the front door offering a trial run for a week. As I was reading the flyer the owner popped out and we got to chatting about the gym. I was interested and took him up on the offer and I haven't stopped CrossFitting since. 

What do you do when you aren't at Catacombs? When I am not at the gym I'm with my beautiful family. I'm married to Julianna and have two children Nizhoni (8 yrs) and Nat'aani (6 yrs). Julianna is a regular at the 530 am class. We are an active family and enjoy archery, hiking, biking, swimming, wrestling and riding our horses. 

What do know now that you wish you had known when you started CrossFit? Rest is essential, its so easy to get carried away with the workouts. When all the lifts and exercises are done correctly with precise form you progress so fast. As you advance and see changes in your body and your endurance and strength improves its easy to overdue it because as an athlete you want more. After six yrs of CrossFitting I've learned to take my rest days, they are as important as the workout days.

What inspired you to become a coach? What inspires you as a coach now? My wife and I had been CrossFitting for a year before we decided to move from California back to her home town on the Navajo reservation. Our goals were to bring this style of exercise to an underserved population, open our own gym and we also wanted our new cross-training community to be self sufficient if we decided to leave. We reached all our goals as the gym is going strong under the guidance of a young man we groomed to take over. I started teaching classes at the local gym and they graciously let me carve out a 15'x15' area to conduct workouts in. The cost was $2.00 per class and that money went towards new equipment. After some seriously hard recruiting my first class had two athletes. The gym came to a screeching halt for that one hour workout. I had two working out and 20 people watching. The original two people stuck with me for the next four years, making incredible gains.