Eat Real Food--Fall 2014 Food Challenge

Prepare to do some cooking if you sign up for the Fall Food Challenge.

Prepare to do some cooking if you sign up for the Fall Food Challenge.

What: Squeaky clean eating for 30 days. No processed junk, no sugar, no grains or dairy.

Why: The food we eat is the most potent medicine most of us consume. The nagging aches and pains, general inflammation, poor sleep and energy levels, and less than ideal body composition are all directly related to the food we are putting in our bodies. A 30-day reset will change the way you view food forever.

When: The Challenge begins October 1 and runs through October 30. That's right, you'll be done by Halloween so you can reintroduce all that poison and see how bad it makes you feel.

Who: Anyone needing a nutritional reset (which is almost everyone); those wishing to lose weight; and, those with any of the symptoms described above.

Cost: The Challenge is open to all Catacombs members. You are welcome to play along on your own for free, but if you want the support and structure of the real deal, it's gonna cost you $100. This gets you a coach to be your partner in the challenge and ensures that you are serious about doing this. Your coach will review your food log and provide feedback, talk you off the cliff when you want to quit on Day 3, assign homework, and provide accountability to help keep you honest. In addition, we are asking all participants to wager on their own success by putting up collateral of $20. If you make it through without failing, you get your $20 back. If you don't, it goes into a pot to be raffled off to those who did. It's all or nothing.

What are the parameters: The Challenge will require participants to eat a diet consisting of meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds (mainstream paleo). The specifics of what can and can't be consumed will be outlined in the challenge packet handed out to all participants. Rest assured that dairy, grains, soy products, and most of all sugar won't be all. 

Still have questions? Post to comments below so that we can answer once for everyone.