Eat Real Food--Q&A and Sign Up


I'm really excited about the response thus far on the Fall Food Challenge. Several of you have asked me about it and a couple have even committed to signing up. That's SO awesome! If you are looking for that extra push to get you off the performance plateau or really lean out, this is the answer. Now, if you are like me, we would rather do an extra workout or add in some other form of exercise to try to get better results. The bad news is that IT WON'T WORK. What you are doing with CrossFit 3-5 times per week is exactly what your body needs from an exercise standpoint. What it needs now is some attention from the nutrition standpoint. It won't happen without it. 

Still have questions? Ready to pull the trigger and sign up? There will be a Q&A session on Monday, Sept 29 at 5 PM. Challenge Packets will be available for pickup or perusal and you can sign up at that time. If you can't make the meeting but know you want to participate, you can sign up starting Monday and I will have packets available to give you. Can't make the meeting but still have questions? Post to comments and I will get back to you.