New Equipment

Workout of the Day--December 3, 2015

5 Rounds for time:
30 Wall-ball shots (20/14)
5 Squat snatches (135/95)
Rest 2 minutes

Dumbbells are fun. There are more on the way.

Dumbbells are fun. There are more on the way.


New Equipment

You will soon be noticing some new equipment rolling into the gym. We are retiring some of the wall balls, bands, and collars that have sacrificed themselves for your fitness and replacing them with shiny, new versions. Please help us keep them shiny and new by taking good care of them as they are not cheap to replace. Here are a few tips on what that looks like...

1.) Keep collars tight on bars. When heavy loads are dropped from overhead and there is wiggle room between the plates and collars, the collars lose and get bent. It also puts a lot of tension on the inner ring of the bumper plate which will eventually break down.

2.) As a follow on from #1, guide your bars down when dropping from overhead. When you need to dump a bar, dump it. That's why everything is rubber. But if it just makes you feel powerful to throw a bar down from overhead, please at least keep your hands on the bar as it crashes down. It's a safety thing as well as an equipment maintenance thing.

3.) Please don't sit on the medicine balls! They are not chairs and it makes them lopsided. 

4.) Please wipe all your sweaty equipment down with the gym wipes above the utility sink. If they are dry, wet them. They still work. They have cleaning agents in them designed to clean equipment without unnecessarily breaking down the coatings. If you bleed on equipment, that is a whole other story. Use the Clorox bleach wipes on everything you touched until there is no trace of your DNA anywhere.

5.) Clean up after your chalk problem. First off, keep chalk in the bucket or on a lid; not on the floor, the weight plates, or the pull up rig. Second, more chalk is not necessarily better. Be judicious in your use or your hands will pay the price. Chalk increases friction so those hard won callouses are more prone to tearing when chalk is in the mix. Finally, no one wants to use the chalk you left of the pull up bar, barbell, or kettlebell. Please use a gym wipe to clean it off when you are done.

6.) Let us know if you see a piece of equipment that is showing signs of excessive wear. We want to be proactive in maintaining and replacing them as necessary.

Some of our old equipment will be donated to Cross Bar X Youth Camp for use in their fitness programs.