Memorial Day Murph

Yes, I know it is Iron Horse weekend and that many of you are throwing down on Saturday for the ride to Silverton. Big shout outs to those of you that are putting your fitness to the test and racing the train this year. While Memorial Day is synonymous with bike racing in Durango, it is more importantly the day when we remember those members of our Armed Forces that gave their lives in combat to protect our country and our freedom. As such, we will celebrate Memorial Day with the traditional CrossFit Hero WOD "Murph". This workout is named after Lt. Michael Murphy, a Navy Seal that was killed in Afghanistan in 2005.

We will kick off at 9 AM with a general warm up, discussion of scaled options, and workout plan. By 9:15, we will send everyone on their way to complete their chosen workout option. After you finish, enjoy a little brunch and the company of your community. Please bring a healthy brunch item to share. Friends and family are welcome to join for the workout or for moral support. We will wrap up around 11 and you will have the rest of the day to bask in the completion of this epic workout. We will see you there!