Are You Ready?

Yesterday was Deadlift day.

Yesterday was Deadlift day.

I love when I am in the zone with my health and fitness. I feel strong and lean. I know I can take on any physical challenge and be okay. My workouts are a joy; even on the hard days. It isn't a matter of if I will work out, but rather when. I'm not preoccupied with food as it feels more like a fuel source than a pleasure. The cravings are under control and I'm honestly not tempted by crap food or drinks. I have some goals that I am working toward. I like how I look. My head is clear making writing and thinking come easily. Sleep is easy and not restless. I feel confident and focused. 

Have you been there before? I have, and I am ready to get back there. It is not an easy state to achieve, but hard things are what we do best. Who is with me?

The Catacombs Spring Challenge is designed to help us do just that. On the surface, it is a nutrition challenge. We will ask you to eat cleanly and in sufficient quantity to promote physical activity but not fat. Yes, it will require you to log what you eat and eliminate some of the negative anti-foods that many of us eat every day. It will not be easy, but you will walk away from the challenge with a new perspective on nutrition and just how good you can feel. Still, it is designed to allow you enough flexibility to not live as a hermit for the six weeks of the challenge. While nutrition will be the biggest challenge for many, we are going beyond. You will also be challenged to sleep at least 7 hours per night and get in at least 4 workouts per week (3 at Catacombs and at least one other workout outside on your own). We will also ask you to monitor you water intake, put some time in on mobility, take some smart supplements (fish oil), and set some personal goals. Perfection in all aspects of the challenge is the goal, but it is not required to participate.

At its most basic level, the Catacombs Spring Challenge requires a level of personal accountability within the structure we set up for you. It is inexpensive, simple to follow, but will change everything if you buy-in whole heartedly. We are also offering an option for those of you needing more help and accountability than our basic challenge. As mentioned previously, we have partnered with Dr. Ashley Lucas of PHD Advanced Nutrition to provide expert coaching if you have a significant amount of weight to lose. Or, maybe you have no weight to lose but would like to work more seriously on your nutrition program. Ashley has put together a premium option to work individually with you over the course of our challenge. 

I am incredibly excited about this challenge as it has the potential to be life-changing for many of us. While not for everyone, if you are at a crossroads with your health, fitness, and nutrition, you don't want to miss tomorrow's post.

What do you have to lose?

Where will you be on May 29th?