Tough Love Wednesday

Dustin finishing off his birthday workout. Happy Birthday Boy Wonder.

Dustin finishing off his birthday workout. Happy Birthday Boy Wonder.

First of all, a big thank you and congratulations to everyone who came out for Murph last weekend. It was a great experience, as it always is, and very humbling to be reminded of all the men and women that we have lost defending our freedom. While we talk about CrossFit workouts being "hard" or "brutal", they are a poor parallel to what many of our soldiers endure on a regular basis. Which brings me to the topic of the day...

This post may feel like a little tough love for some of you, but hear me out and make the decisions that work best for your goals and your life. As I've said before, much of what I write here strikes close to home, so know that you are not alone. As school winds down and we transition to summer schedules, routine becomes a little harder to find and life just feels busier. The days are longer, yet crammed with more activities. Some days just making it to bedtime feels like a monumental task. It is during these times that it becomes easy to let some things slip. We stay up later, indulge in that post-bike ride beer, and forget to schedule in time for our workouts. 

None of those things are bad and they all have their place. I would just like you to keep in mind, however, that everyone deals with these challenges. You are not the only person that has ever had to work extra to cover someone else's vacation. We all balance the pressures of jobs, families, extended families, and finances. Yes, yours look different than mine, but we all have them. Almost no one comes to the gym because they didn't really have anything else to do with that hour. It is a sacrifice and a commitment and you will often have to choose between working out and doing something else you want to do. My experience, however, is that these choices get easier when you make them ahead of time rather than in the moment. It is much easier to commit to working out at 5 PM on Thursday when it is Sunday afternoon rather than on Thursday at 4:45 when your coworkers are going out for drinks. 

Where am I going with all of this? All too often, I see someone back in the gym after a week or two weeks away and I ask them where they have been. The answer, 9 times out of 10, is "I've just been busy". Don't let your goals, or your health, or your fitness become victims of poor planning or lack of commitment. Don't accept the "I'm too busy" card from yourself when it comes to working out. Be honest with yourself and be better than that.