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Good luck to these 2 turkeys (and Jen, Bryan, Caroline and anyone else I am missing) running Imogene this weekend!

Good luck to these 2 turkeys (and Jen, Bryan, Caroline and anyone else I am missing) running Imogene this weekend!

It's time for a quick calendar update! We have two very important events coming up in September and you won't want to miss them.

Friday Night Lights--After a successful but exhausting Catacombs Games series, Friday Night Lights took a long break for the summer. It is back though! September 23rd is the day. If you've never been to FNL, think half party/half workout. There will be no regular classes but we will run heats of a very special workout complete with a cheering section of your fellow athletes and coaches. As always, we will scale for anyone wanting to participate. Please bring happy hour style food and drinks to share. 

Whole Life Challenge Intake Workout--For those of you participating in the Whole Life Challenge, you will want to measure your results from a performance standpoint. Focusing on lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep, hydration, and mobility WILL improve your performance. But we aren't just going to tell you about it, we are going to prove it to you! The intake workout will be the workout of the day on Friday, September 16. We will repeat this workout at the end of the WLC. If you are joining us for the WLC but are not a member of Catacombs or can't make that day, please reach out to me so that we can make arrangements for you to complete the workout. 

Not yet signed up for the Whole Life Challenge? It starts in a little over a week. This is not some hardcore "in it to win it" challenge. It is about small daily changes. The kind that stick around long after the challenge is over. It’s an opportunity to improve seven habits in your life: exercise, nutrition, mobility, hydration, sleep, reflection, and lifestyle. I know; seven habits over eight weeks can seem daunting. It's a long time and things come up!

But the reason I like the WLC is that it allows for life to happen and you can participate without It taking over your life. It does not have to be that daunting!.

You can play for you, choosing the habits that matter most for your life. You might concentrate on just four of the seven, the ones you think will make the most impact. You could even work on just one habit a week, adding them up over time so that you’re doing all seven habits by the end. You might customize the nutrition levels to work best for you.

Regardless, know that It’s not about starting strong and ending quickly, or even choosing not to play. It’s definitely not about the points. Instead, the Challenge is about taking small steps, making sustainable changes that will stick in your life. It is about making a start.

There’s room in that idea for everyone to play. Join the Catacombs Team here: CrossFit Catacombs WLC Registration.