Wednesday Nights' WOD: McDonald's Twilight Night Race Series

WARNING CROSSFITTERS: McDonald's Twilight Nights is not your typical Wednesday night out. Set at the base of Purgatory, this short track race series is for nordic skiers, fat bikers and snowshoers to battle it out in the dark, up and down punishing terrain and around quick turns while being cheered on by the visiting gapers sitting outside at Purgy’s. If you like normal, stay home.

Each night of the three race series, skate skiers, fat bikers, and snowshoers start together at the base of Purgatory and follow separate courses laid out for each discipline. Every week the course will be somewhat different but equally punishing. Racers climb and descend and climb and descent again around the upper and lower base areas; all finishing at Purgatory Village.

The first three events are a series with points awarded for each race and each category (ski, snowshoe, bike). Torn on what do do? Enter as "Snow Master" and do all three disciplines over the three weeks and try your luck winning across all three disciplines. At the end of the series, category winners are awarded prizes for Youth (U18) and Adult, male and female participants. However, everyone will be a winner at Twilight Nights thanks to generous sponsors giving loads of schwag to share in a weekly raffle.

The fourth Wednesday, February 1, is the Twilight Nights Triathlon, an official Snowdown event which surely will add an interesting twist to an already twisted event.  Sign up as an individual or put your name in a hat to be randomly assigned to a team of kindred spirits. For all four events, relax and socialize at Purgy’s post mayhem. Costumes encouraged; its Snowdown afterall.

Don't have a fat bike? Mountain Bike Specialists has a limited number that they are generously loaning to participants; first come first serve. Call them at (970) 247-4066 to reserve each week.

Don't have snowshoes? The Durango Running Company has a limited number that they are generously loaning to participants; first come first serve. Call them at (970) 764-4366 to reserve each week.

Registration opens at 5:00 PM at Hoody's. Headlamps required for all racers! Helmets required for bikers. 

  • Dates: January 11, January 18, January 25, February 1 
  • Registration: 5:00 - 5:45 PM
  • Race Time: 6:00 PM
  • Location: Purgatory base area, register at Hoody's
  • Entry Fee: $10/event

CrossFit Catacombs is a sponsor of this event along with many other organizations with members at our gym: Purgatory Resorts, Durango Running Company, Durango Running Club and Durango Nordic. Hope to see you there!