A Thousand Little Decisions

Paul busting out some weighted pull ups this week. That dumbbell looks good on you, Paul.

Paul busting out some weighted pull ups this week. That dumbbell looks good on you, Paul.

Hey Guys--

I hope your weekend has been grand and that you are all sorted out for next week with your workout reservations, food prepped, Coffee with Coach on your calendar and ready for our HOLIDAY PARTY next Saturday. It's going to be an AWESOME week.

As we move into the busy holiday season, things get crazy and inevitably priorities get pushed down the list. Many of us relax our standards around food and drink and there are lots of social events to keep us from getting the sleep we need. There is nothing wrong with any of that. In fact, some of it is even healthy. But it is a slippery slope. This is exactly the mechanism that lands so many people in a deep fitness hole and 15 pounds heavier come January. My challenge to you over the next month is to not give in to the wholesale holiday slide. Indulge in special moments and holiday treats, and don't get down on yourself about it. Then, get up the next day and get your workout in and get back to your good eating habits. 

The danger is when we get too far off the back and throw in the towel. Many of you have heard me talk about the idea that improving your health comes down to a thousand little decisions. It's in the little things that we do every day...salad instead of fries, a walk instead of facebook, a workout instead of happy hour, soda water instead of a cocktail. You don't have to be perfect with these, but you need to win more than you lose. Giving up the fight at any point and telling yourself that you will fix it come January guarantees that you will lose way more than you win. It's the easy way out because it takes the hard decisions out of it. Making thoughtful decisions throughout the next month will leave you on solid ground.

A thousand little decisions...