Memorial Day Murph

So much fun working with Trails 2000 on trail projects!

So much fun working with Trails 2000 on trail projects!

Happy Monday Crew--

If you haven't already, go ahead and mark your calendars for Monday, May 29th. Yes, that is Memorial Day and yes, we will be completing Memorial Day Murph. Murph is a Hero Workout named for Lt. Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. CrossFit gyms all over the US complete this workout on Memorial Day in his honor and in honor of all the men and women in the armed services. At Catacombs, we use this occasion to come together and open our doors to our local fire and police departments as well as the entire community. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us on this day and we will offer workout options for anyone desiring to participate. 

Memorial Day weekend is also Iron Horse weekend. I know many of you are participating in the Iron Horse in one capacity or another. Feel free to come in for a scaled version of Murph or to cap off an epic weekend of fitness. Every year we have multiple athletes participate in both the ride, the trail run AND Murph so don't feel like you have to choose.

We will run heats that can include up to 15 athletes/teams at a time kicking off at 9AM, 9:45AM, and 10:30AM. Each heat will begin with approximately 15 minutes of warmup and discussion of scaled options. Sign Up sheets will be on the front desk the week prior to reserve your spot. 

We will provide hot dogs starting around 11AM. Bring a side dish or drinks to share. This is a free event and open to everyone in the community. Bring your family, friends and co-workers to join the fun. No prior CrossFit experience is required.