Coach Dustin and the Zone Diet

Summer is here. The sun is out, and some of you may be realizing that you have lost some ground on your nutrition goals. Afternoon beers, hot dogs on the grill or ice cream downtown are all summer favorites. Don't despair, we are here to help. CrossFit has long embraced the Zone Diet to help power athletes through high intensity workouts. The Zone is a great way to start figuring out what your body needs for performance and you can't really argue with the aesthetics either. As following Zone requires an initial commitment to measuring portion sizes, strictly following it may not be for everyone. Still, understanding how many blocks of protein, carbohydrate and fat are needed for your body type even notionally can be very useful.

Dustin will be leading a free talk about the Zone Diet for athletes on Wednesday June 14th at 5pm. This is purely an informational session but there will be follow up opportunities for those interested in giving it a shot. (Full disclosure: this is information he needs to be proficient with prior to taking his Level 3 exam so we are all benefitting from his studies.)

Never heard of the Zone? Here is some info from the archives of the CrossFit Journal to help you get started. Questions? Ask Dustin.