New Open Gym Hours and Last Call for WLC

More Open Gym means more of this happening!

More Open Gym means more of this happening!

Good Morning Catacombs--

I have exciting stuff to announce today. First, thank you to everyone that gave us feedback through the Annual Member Survey. As I've said before, it is how we get better and we appreciate your honest appraisal. Distilling down the feedback will take time, but we are taking action to address your requests as expediently as possible. One of the things that came through was a request for more Open Gym time. While we still want you to get the bulk of your training in under the watchful eye of a coach, we appreciate that some extra time to work on skills or work through a strength cycle on your own is valuable to you. Beginning next week, we will add the following times for you to do all of those things:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 1-4 PM (begins January 22)
  • Monday through Friday 6-7 PM (begins January 29)

As always, Group Classes and athletes working with a coach in private training have priority on equipment and space, but we purposely chose times when those conflicts are minimal. 

We've also noticed that the 5 PM class has become increasingly popular. Beginning next week, we will add a second coach to the 5 PM class raising our capacity to 20. That should alleviate any issues with getting into class in the evenings. 

The Whole Life Challenge starts Saturday. If you have questions or on the fence, talk to me or one of the other coaches so that we can twist your arm. The intake workout is Friday so please try to get in for a class on Friday. If you can't make Friday, that's what Open Gym is for! We have over 30 athletes already signed up and this promises to be the best one yet. Don't miss out on this. We will have the scale out at the front if you want to do before and after weights...and you should.

Here is the link to sign up if you have not yet done so. Make sure you join CrossFit Catacombs as your team or we won't be able to support you through this process.

Finally, last call for the Open Prep specialty training led by Tony. Reach out to him today ( with questions. It should pair nicely with the Whole Life Challenge and our new Open Gym times.