WLC Finish and Pro Talk

Mobility is one of the tenets of the Whole Life Challenge and one of the reasons that Bill loves the WLC so much.

Mobility is one of the tenets of the Whole Life Challenge and one of the reasons that Bill loves the WLC so much.

As we wind down the Whole Life Challenge, I am always reflective on what went well and what could have or should have gone better. That reflection usually has two dimensions…one focused on the gym and community side, the other on me personally as I always start the WLC with big plans and goals. I welcome your input and feedback on the gym aspect, as we want to support your health and fitness goals in the best way possible. It is a critical component to the transformational change that is our mission. And I’ll keep chewing on the big ideas around my own WLC successes and failures.

As most of you know, I like the WLC because it challenges us to examine our lives on multiple fronts. Nutrition is the biggest battle for many in the beginning, but often one of the well-being practices grabs our attention and causes us to make a meaningful shift in how we do things. Or, we recognize for the first time how much of an impact the amount and quality of our sleep has on our productivity, our relationships, and our mental health. Many times the practice of reflection in the WLC connects the dots to bring to light how intensely stress or emotion impacts our nutrition choices. As a community of people that put significant energy and sweat into our health and well-being, these are major realizations that have big impacts on our lives.

So the challenge becomes how we take the lessons that are so clear and actionable during a six week challenge and turn them into a permanent shift. I don’t have the answer to that one, but I am committed to continuing to work on it. I believe that part of it comes from naming the benefits that were enjoyed from adhering to the WLC principles. Then as we start to drift away from those good habits, circling back to remember what we give up when we return to old patterns. For me, it is often a “3 steps forward, 2 steps back scenario”. I’m okay with that as long as the trajectory is headed the right way.

As always, I’m interested in your thoughts on the topic. Let me know if you’ve found “the answer”. And thank you to all of you that joined me on the last 6 weeks of the Whole Life Challenge. I honor you all for your willingness to do the hard and thoughtful work to be better humans.

And speaking of being better humans, Dr. Nicola Dehlinger will be here on Tuesday, Nov 13 at 7 PM for a pro talk that will register with all of us. This time we are talking about “Practical Stress Management”:

Stress.  It’s something we ALL deal with and it’s unlikely to be going away anytime soon.  So the question is: how do we work with our bodies so they are minimally impacted?  What strategies can we employ to avoid chronic pain and disease that can be stress related?  And how do we fit it all in?

Join me as we continue the journey to be better, healthier, and happier.