Fresh Starts and Resolutions

Getting it done through the holidays.

Getting it done through the holidays.

Research tells us that the overwhelming majority of New Year's resolutions are broken before January 15th. I don't let that stop me and you shouldn't either. New Year's is a fresh start. It is a time to reflect on what we need to change about how we are going through this life. It is an opportunity to commit to doing that work and use the momentum of a fresh page on the calendar to help us get started. I invite you to join me in this journey. 

But what if I fail? Well, statistics say that is the most likely outcome. So what? I will not allow that to be an excuse that keeps me from even trying. Failure is a great teacher and even if I don't get it right out of the gate, I will have some experience and maybe even wisdom to help me once I pick myself up and start again. While failure is never my intention, it also never the end of the journey. 

If you are already a member of the Catacombs community, don't miss this opportunity to do a little reflection and self-examination. Then set some goals and let's get to work. Talk to your coaches and let’s put a plan together to keep you consistently moving forward. Your goals don’t have to be numbers of double unders or the weight of your back squat. They can be as basic as to get to the gym 4 times every week until summer or to sign up for and complete the Whole Life Challenge. You know best where the work needs to happen. Let us help with the plan and the accountability.

If you are not yet part of our community but are ready to make real changes around your health and fitness, reach out to us and let's talk about how we can help. We have private training openings and our Catalyst program beginning January 7th that are the perfect first step. Let us know how we can help.