Let's Talk About Shoulders

Mobility hour is not the same as nap time!

Mobility hour is not the same as nap time!

If you've been around Catacombs for more than about 5 minutes, you have likely heard us describe our training philosophy like this:

  • Technique and solid form create the foundation, 
  • Intensity is the second tier,
  • And only after the first two are mastered does loading come into the equation.

We believe this to be fundamental to preventing injury. You can't improve your health and fitness if you are on the bench due to injury so we consider it our responsibility to do everything we can to help you prevent it. As part of our continuing effort to keep you healthy and moving, we are teaming with Mercy Sports Medicine to drop some knowledge bombs on treatment and prevention of shoulder injuries. Learn what positions are safe and which ones to avoid. Identify some mobility exercises to help with nagging issues and understand when it's time to move an injury from the "nagging" category to the "needs treatment" category. Get a prescription from a physical therapist to get you out of burpees forever...just kidding. We hope this is the first of many Partner WODs with these guys. 

On Tuesday April 17th at 6 pm, CrossFit Catacombs is very pleased to host a conversation with Dr. Luke Angel, DPT. The talk is titled “Injury Prevention for Athletes: Shoulder Problems and Corrections.” During the hour, Dr. Angel will present some typical shoulder problems that plague gymnasts, weightlifters, and the general population. Through demonstration and participation, he will offer advice on different form and techniques, preventative measures, and some quick fixes.

Luke is the Director of Mercy Sports Medicine, a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, and practices physical therapy at Mercy Integrated Physical Therapy.  He has done plenty of CrossFit in the past, though he spends most of his active days on his mountain bike.