Fab Fridays Downtown

Look at that jump rope technique!

Look at that jump rope technique!

Hey Crew--

We are super excited to be a part of the Fab Fridays series sponsored by the Business Improvement District (BID). The BID is working hard to help downtown businesses in the wake of the fire and lack of tourists visiting our town. One of these efforts is a series of Friday night block parties in July to get folks downtown. Our end of Main Street is slated for July 13th. We will be hosting an Open House as well as mini-workout sessions for those interested in testing the waters. Cantera and 11th Street Station will also be participating that night so it should be an awesome night to be downtown. We are loaning out our parking lot to the BID for games and family fun as well (cornhole anyone?).

The event runs from 5-8 PM. We will have regular 5 PM class on Friday though it may be anything other than regular. Our Open House will run from 6-8 PM with coaches available to talk to individuals, give a tour, or answer questions. 

Nonmembers can also try a 15-minute version of our new class offering, Unloaded. Unloaded is a new class offering that challenges and trains cardiovascular fitness and strength without the use of heavy barbells. It is ideal for those who want a good workout using their own bodyweight or light weights rather than lots of equipment. It is also a good stepping stone for those looking to build some fitness prior to joining CrossFit classes or those just beginning in their fitness journey.

Class Demos will be offered at 6:15, 6:45, and 7:15. No experience is necessary but you might want some comfortable clothes for working out. We look forward to opening our doors to those in the community who have not yet made their way through our doors. It is a rare opportunity to show off our hospitality and friendliness and we couldn't be more excited.