Pro Talk on Knees

Static strength and shoulder mobility. The good stuff.

Static strength and shoulder mobility. The good stuff.

Hey Team--

Just a quick reminder that we have Dr. Luke Angel here on Tuesday night at 7 PM to talk about knee health. If you have knee problems or want to know how to keep them healthy, this is for you. Make the investment in understanding how to keep your knees strong and healthy as well as how to rehab tweaks or old injuries. 

As athletes, we ask a lot of our bodies. Sometimes, we push them to the brink of their capacity. In fact, sometimes we do that on purpose because that is where progress is made. It is a delicate balance however, between pushing hard right up to the edge and going over the cliff to injury. We need lots of tools in our box to be able to do this safely and effectively. One of those tools is knowledge. Knees are tricky joints and knowing the difference between a twinge that will go away with warm up versus a warning sign of bad things to come is critical. I encourage you to own the responsibility for understanding what your body is trying to tell you.

We offer Pro Talks because we want to be more than just the place you work out. We want to be your resource for being healthier and happier. We bring in the most knowledgable and experienced professionals we can find to talk to you about issues that matter. Please join me and the coaching staff in investing an hour toward that goal. I promise you will come away with not just knowledge, but ways to positively take action through accessory or mobility work or movement modifications. As always, the talk is free and the fizzy water is on me!