Be Your Own Super Hero

This is the stuff of real super heroes.

This is the stuff of real super heroes.

Super Heroes were a popular subject around Catacombs long before Snowdown. We were happy to share our affinity for super powers with the rest of Durango for a few days but we are still in the gym doing the work to make ourselves better long after the sun has set on Snowdown. But what is it that draws us to these imaginary characters?

I believe that is their commitment to doing the right thing no matter what the circumstance. Odds against you and facing almost certain destruction if you try to save the world? No problem if you are super hero. And if you are reading this blog, this is a concept that you would probably like to see a whole lot more of in the world and maybe even in your own life. Gym goers and CrossFitters in particular recognize the value and necessity of virtuous hard work and don’t mind a little sweaty suffering along the way. But while we are all working to be better versions of ourselves, we also all fall short more often than we would like. That almost NEVER happens in Super Hero world. They ALWAYS win.

Sometimes OUR evil nemesis looks more like a snooze button or happy hour or bag of chips. It can also take the form of perceived “busyness” or stress or an unfinished “to do” list. Being the mere mortals that we are, none of us will win 100% of the time against our arch enemies. Sometimes these villains will win a battle or two. Maybe you’ve been on a losing streak for quite awhile. But the war is still up for grabs. And the war is not about who is the fastest or strongest or how many pull ups you can do; it is about health, longevity, and preserving the functional capacity to allow us to fully live out our lives.

How do we win the war? We win by showing up and doing the work. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. We win by getting off the couch and just starting. We win by beating back the doubts and trying anyway. No one here cares where you are when you begin, just that you do begin. We celebrate even the smallest of successes because breaking free from the norm of inactivity is a massive victory. Showing up when your motivation level is at a zero but you know prioritizing your health is the right thing to do is the super hero choice.

You don’t need Superman or Wonder Woman or any one else. All you need is the person you see in the mirror each morning.

Be your own Super Hero.