The Catalyst program

Are you looking to make a change in your health and fitness for 2019? We’ve got good news and bad news. First, the bad news. Change is hard and New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. What will work is a proven plan, a coach to lead, and a community to keep you accountable. Make this the year you succeed in accomplishing your health and fitness goals. Goals without a plan of action are just hopes; they almost never deliver the desired results. Commit to 8 weeks of focused work on exercise and nutrition and you will still be going strong long after most New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten.


Catalyst is an 8 week fitness program for people in our community that are ready to commit to putting in the work. Catalyst is geared toward those who need a more gradual introduction to high intensity exercise due to age, current fitness condition, past injury or couch potato syndrome. Our classes are small and the coaches are committed to scaling and modifying workouts to meet the needs of every individual. There are no fitness prerequisites. Eight weeks is the perfect length of time to solidify the habit of exercise and see real results. It provides a level of accountability to promote consistency long after the motivation has left town. We commit to showing you and supporting you in a path that will get real results.


And since there is no such thing as out-exercising poor nutrition, we are going to dig in on that front too. Catalyst Plus includes two months of our nutrition program, Ignite Nutrition. You will get personalized help with meal plans, macronutrient recommendations, one on one check ins with our nutrition coach, and accountability around the quality and quantity of your food intake. There is no fitness without nutrition.


We are offering 3 sessions of Catalyst for January and February (January 7-March 1).

Session A:  7:30 AM on Tuesday and Thursday

Session B: 11 AM on Tuesday and Thursday

Session C: 6 PM on Monday and Wednesday

Catalyst memberships will also include access to regular group classes on Saturday and Sunday.


Each session is limited to 10 participants.

The Catalyst Program is $385.

Catalyst Plus, including 2 months of Ignite Nutrition is $585.

Sign up is available here.

Give the the gift of health and fitness. Gift certificates for this program are available. Email if you would like to register someone as a gift.